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The GlobalDeck composite systems – safety and aesthetics

The creation of a place of relaxation in which one can rest in the home garden depends mostly on the safe installation of all elements.

The installation of the GlobalDeck composite terrace boards according to the manual will allow for the creation of a stable surface that is resistant to harmful atmospheric conditions as well as mechanical damage.

By combining aesthetics with durability, the composites are an excellent material for a balcony, terrace, jetty, pier etc.

Before attempting the installation, the install crew has to learn the Client’s concept.

In the first months of usage the composite profiles change their colour and shade, which is a natural phase of seasoning (i.e. the change of the wood’s fibers to yellow). It is not the product’s defect. The speed and scale of the process of colour stabilization depend on atmospheric conditions. In order to achieve a natural effect, the planks should be mixed before installation.

All drawings, cross-sections and photos are samples and may differ from the real product’s appearance.

Easy installation and durability

Good idea – for a start

Coming up with a good conception is crucial for creating a surface that will meet the individual demands, especially when it comes to usability.

The first thing to do is to decide the size, shape and height of the terrace. It is best done in a 1:1 scale, as only then one can see if the surface doesn’t cover too much of the garden’s area or if the shape is going to be functional.

The next step is to choose the right kind of terrace board, deciding the colour, texture and size.